Psychic Craig Eugene is an upfront, get to the point, empathic psychic reader who will bring you into the heart of your issues and clarify them for you easily. He is gifted in knowing what is occurring in your life that keeps you in emotional turmoil.

Over the course of the last 10 plus years Craig has studied under some of the top Psychics on the East Coast — Craig also is a Usui Reiki Master / Teacher and offers healings as well as energy work. Craig has provided psychic readings for people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world by telephone. His repeat clientele will tell you, no one type of reading is better than the other. Craig offers his professional psychic reading experiences and his own life lessons, to help you work through the turmoil’s that may be stopping you from being the best you can be. He will shift the dynamics around you and assist in clarifying what you might want to look at to adjust the problems and strengths in your life.

Craig believes we all have the ability to improve and help ourselves. Using his connection to energy, through his intensive Usui Reiki practice, Craig shares techniques to heal your life, wake up your energy, and put protective boundaries up to keep you safe on your path. His caring and real concern for people comes through in each individual reading, as Craig offers his unique visions of who you are. Craig has a wonderful way of saying it like it is. He tells the good with the bad in all readings for the highest good of the client. You will never have a “sugar coated” reading with this gentle man. All conversations with Craig have this component to them.

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